Book Review: ‘Swipe Right’ – Levi Lusko

‘Swipe Right’ by Levi Lusko is a powerhouse.  This book will change lives, I only wish I had read it 15 years earlier!

Although certainly not the typical topic of my reading choices, ‘Swipe Right: The Life and Death Power of Sex and Romance’ is the book that will speak to this generation in a time of complex relationship options, tons of false information from all sources and messages of what life and love should be.

As a happily married, 31 year man, past my years of raging teenage hormones and pressure to fit in, this book speaks to me of my commitment to my marriage, the reasons I do what I do and think what I think, as well as the need to continually commit to owning my marriage partnership.  As a 31 year man who also can vividly remember his preteen, teen and university years and is well acquainted with his daily struggles, this book speaks to the inner part of me that made the decisions that have shaped where I am today, both the wise and the not so wise choices, the Swipes Left and the Swipes Right.

I really cannot describe what this book spoke to me about without getting way to personal for what I would like to have published on the internet, but what I can tell you is that if you are between the ages of 8 and 80 and live in 2017, this book will have something to say to you.

Although this book is written by a pastor it is very relevant and well written to remain objective and at no point is the answer ‘…just because Jesus’, and in my mind that makes it a great Christian book, useful, worth reading, simply because it is written to everyone, including to Christians.

At is core the book is about ‘choices today make the you of tomorrow’ and is based around relationships with particular emphasis on the sexual side of relationships but has far wider implications about our choices.

Some of my favourite lines (again the yellow highlighter was working overtime in this one):

Now yells louder, but later lasts longer’, ‘Don’t trade the ultimate for the instant’, ‘What you do with your liberty can put you back in captivity’, ‘it is possible to have a saved soul but a wasted life’, ‘Just because you can’t unreap what you have already sown doesn’t mean you can’t start sowing something different’ and ‘Live below with your heart set on his kingdom above’.

Although the overarching message is ‘hold out until it’s right, then honour it’ there is no condemnation of wrong choice, simply an advocacy for a better way forward.

A really great book, for both male and females, gay and straight, old and young, Christian and non Christian.  I thought it was excellent and would recommend it to anyone.  An easy read with plenty to stop and think about.  I standby my statement that ‘this book will change lives’ going forth.

I hope it speaks to you too.



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