Thankful for the rollercoaster of Motherhood… a ride I thankfully only have to watch on

Being a mum has got to be the hardest yet most rewarding part of life’s journey. I wouldn’t know but I love some people who would know quite well and are living this journey at different stages right now.

I think of my own mum, still working hard, achieving amazing things, running around after 2 new grandkids, watching her daughter get married at the end of the year, still supporting her son by coming to his school concerts and sharing in his triumphs. In looking back on the fruits of her work over the past 32 years she has been a mother she hopefully is proud of the small things she instilled in her kids that have shaped what the future of her children, grand children and hopefully generations to come will look like.
I think of my own wife, celebrating her first Mothers day with strength amidst the sadness of what should have been, a son taken too soon, the prospect of the future scary and uncertain yet through it all is still resolutely confident in God’s provision and goodness.

Motherhood looks like such a roller-coaster, a ride I certainly could not take and that’s just the example of 3 of the mothers I know.

So to the mum’s out there, happy Mothers Day. You deserve it and so much more.


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