DriveIn in Style for Cars 3

‘Cars 3’ will reignite all cylinders of the race-car kid in all of us.  With twists and turns of plot ‘Cars 3′ takes pole position in keeping pace with life and taking the ultimate chequered flag.

Last night Em and I had the privilege of attending an advance preview screening of Disney Pixar’s ‘Cars 3’ at the Village Cinemas Coburg DriveIn thanks to Punkee ( and Village Cinemas (

What better place to hold a ‘Cars 3′ movie preview than at the drive in, with a massive photo wall for you and your car (shout out to @Kiaaustralia for the excellent Georgemobile), snacks and drinks on the house with perfect parking for you and your car to experience the latest from the Disney Pixar family.

Perfectly planned for George Date-night to celebrate the exact halfway-point of Baby-G’s development, it could not have been better scripted if I tried.

IMG_5210Disney Pixar have released a great movie in Cars 3, perfectly placed for those of us who have grown with the series since 2006. Of course keep your eyes peeled for the inevitable Pixar ‘Easter Eggs’ amongst the witty humour of motor themed life in This Cars Universe.  The story goes with Lightning McQueen and his friends back on home track, struggling to hold on to the current standard of life amidst some (for us in the real world anyway) 11 year gap from Rookie to ‘old timer’.  Still with the racing desire in his engine, Lightning is recovering from a crash that has put in the pits for a while, as he struggles to recover and keep pace with the new young guns.  Through twists and turns the storyline moves like a V8 in the open scenes and gets right to the point with McQueen struggling and reassessing his life and career, listening to the old masters, all the while coming to terms with his own thoughts of his mantra ‘I am Speed?’ (sadly Ka-chow did not get a mention).

Disney then take it in the classic Disney direction but with a U-turn on the lead character we have come to know and love ‘gaining wisdom’.

img_5204.jpgIf you ask my Disney fanatic wife what sex baby she was hoping was on it’s way, she would have said ‘A girl so I don’t have to watch Cars 2 on repeat for the next 7 to 10 years’, but I think that may have changed since last night (although Princess movies will always be the preference, Boy or Girl).

Cars 3′ is a great movie for the whole family and I look forward to telling my future son or daughter that they obviously enjoyed it right from day dot as they rolled and kicked their mum the whole way through this exciting car inspired adventure.

Some fantastic messages of equality and recapturing lost dreams in this movie and Disney Pixar must be congratulated. From ‘Never give up on your dreams’, ‘Girls can be winners too’ , ‘You decide who you let in your head’ and ‘Don’t let anyone put you down because you are old (or young)’ the messages rings true for all kids and kids at heart.

Great work Disney, I look forward to many afternoons spent on the couch with my new daughter or son watching ‘Cars 3′ on repeat (but in the meantime I may just go to a few slightly more grown up movies in the next 20 weeks with my wife before we settle into that ‘purely Disney’ stage of life).


David George.



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