Book Review: ‘Seven Mile Miracle’ – Steven Furtick

‘Seven Mile Miracle’ shows the beauty of the walk with Christ.  From beginning to end this book shares God’s love for those who have walked alongside him this whole time and never known to whom they were journeying.

Steven Furtick has taken some heat for this book and it’s modern interpretation of what a journey through life with God could look like. Surely biblical relevancy is a goal not a heresy. I may be fairly liberal in my belief that God’s love and Spirit remains relevant to the situation of generation it dwells and surely Furtick has the right to communicate God’s love in the words he deems most fruitful.  So if you don’t like the thought that Jesus understands his people, their trials and the challenges of modern life, don’t read it, but if you struggle to see God with every step of daily walk then I reckon it’s a good one.  I’ve been Podcasting Elevation for years now so I will vouch for them if you need an endorsement.

I read this book as soon as I could get my hands on it from the USA (Australia takes a while to catch up with ‘current’ sometimes) and I flew through it last holidays while listening to the podcast of Elevation’s sermon series of the same topic and really got some good stuff out of it.  It’s now the day before the next holidays so I thought I better share before I get a whole term behind.

Furtick takes the Seven last sayings of Jesus on the cross and teaches from them around the ‘mile markers’ of our life.

“Receiving God’s forgiveness (Mile 1) leads to salvation (Mile 2).  When we are saved, we are bought into proper relationship with God and the family of Jesus followers (Mile 3).  But that doesn’t mean the Christian life is easy.  As time goes on, we might experience a temporary sense of abandonment from God (Mile 4) as well as distress in life’s circumstances (Mile 5).  If we hold on to God, though, we will experience triumph through his grace (Mile 6).  And the greatest reward will be reunion with God in heaven (Mile7.)” pg 13.

I’m still trying to get my walking with Jesus right, and I enjoyed it and took some better steps on the path, I hope you do too.



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