Motivation for a Saturday

Phew…Today was meant to be a fairly laid back day, try and get some sleep in the morning, get my tax done and then come home for a little tidy-up of the house before heading into the hospital later in the day to see what the little man is up to.

Well the sleeping bit was great, the tax return went well (finally paid off my Masters HECS fees and still got a return on it’s way) and the day was shaping up well pretty cruisey but then I put on a podcast for the drive back home.

As I have mentioned many times I really enjoy making the most of my ‘deadtime’ by listening in to a podcast from some of the many I have on weekly subscription. Normally there are a few interesting things to jot down at the next traffic lights but not today, today I listened to Steven Furtick’s interview with TD Jakes about his new book ‘Soar’. This interview and book were absolute fire, there are not enough traffic lights between Box Hill and Knox to write even the first 2 minutes of gold.  Definately have a listen.

So I then went online to buy the book, can’t get it until December in Australian retailers, I don’t accept that so online sales it is.  Ordered and will be delivered 1 day after the London release for half what Australian Retailers were wanting and about a month earlier.  While checking out I got suckered into ‘more books like this one’ and had a quick browse which bought up Rick Rigsby’s ‘Lessons from a 3rd Grade dropout’ and the associated Youtube video of Rick’s PhD graduation speech. Man that one had fire as well.

So after these two motivational moments, my Saturday is no longer laid back, I can’t stop thinking about ‘How you living?’

I hope they speak to you too.



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