Motivation for a Saturday

Phew...Today was meant to be a fairly laid back day, try and get some sleep in the morning, get my tax done and then come home for a little tidy-up of the house before heading into the hospital later in the day to see what the little man is up to. Well the sleeping bit …

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Book Review: ‘I Am Number 8’ by John W. Gray III

"God's about to reveal to you a purpose so necessary, so critical, so essential that he had to hide it behind pain, grief, and misunderstanding in order to protect it until this very moment" – I Am Number 8 – John Gray. I had the pleasure of taking some time out last week to attend …

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Book Review: ‘Swipe Right’ – Levi Lusko

'Swipe Right' by Levi Lusko is a powerhouse.  This book will change lives, I only wish I had read it 15 years earlier! Although certainly not the typical topic of my reading choices, 'Swipe Right: The Life and Death Power of Sex and Romance' is the book that will speak to this generation in a time of complex relationship …

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Great Friday

Growing up I often struggled with the concept of 'Good Friday', how could we celebrate the death of a man in such a brutal way, to be fair I think I just glossed over the 'takes the sin of the world upon him' part because I just didn't really feel like I was a sinner, …

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Book review: ‘God is Good’ – Bill Johnson

"The statement 'God is good' is so much more than a catchy Christian slogan.  It's more than a theological statement.  The love of God, the nature of God, and the character of God are all completely and entirely good.  He can't be anything else.  What you believe about God's goodness impacts every aspect of your …

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The plans and purposes of my 2016

If you have been anywhere online in 2016 you surely would have seen the number of people categorising 2016 as the year of unprecedented loss, pain and death. Admittedly it does feel like the world has lost some very good people this year, both famous and unheralded, influential to the many or to the few, …

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25 Days of Christmas Music: ‘Christmas Collection’ – Gaither Vocal Band

With stunning vocals and a beautiful live blend of voices, this album features some great vocals and spreads a beautiful Gospel message this Christmas. Now I have to admit that I did not do my research on this one well before choosing it for my list, it turns out that this was released in 2015 …

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