DriveIn in Style for Cars 3

'Cars 3' will reignite all cylinders of the race-car kid in all of us.  With twists and turns of plot 'Cars 3' takes pole position in keeping pace with life and taking the ultimate chequered flag. Last night Em and I had the privilege of attending an advance preview screening of Disney Pixar's 'Cars 3' at the …

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Thankful for the rollercoaster of Motherhood… a ride I thankfully only have to watch on

Being a mum has got to be the hardest yet most rewarding part of life’s journey. I wouldn’t know but I love some people who would know quite well and are living this journey at different stages right now. I think of my own mum, still working hard, achieving amazing things, running around after 2 …

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Book Review: ‘Swipe Right’ – Levi Lusko

'Swipe Right' by Levi Lusko is a powerhouse.  This book will change lives, I only wish I had read it 15 years earlier! Although certainly not the typical topic of my reading choices, 'Swipe Right: The Life and Death Power of Sex and Romance' is the book that will speak to this generation in a time of complex relationship …

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Experience over Stuff

Why is it that when you need something it isn’t available?  This always happens to me, when I need a present for Mother’s Day, Birthdays or Anniversaries, they are never available on the day I need them.  Over the last 31 years (29 years for Em) we have collected a whole bunch of ‘stuff’ and …

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Books I’m Reading

I had some big changes back in 2016, some events that shook me up a bit and allowed me to stop for a few weeks and re-prioritise what is important to me.  I have written a few times, and will write again soon too, about how all these things have shaped my vision of the …

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The plans and purposes of my 2016

If you have been anywhere online in 2016 you surely would have seen the number of people categorising 2016 as the year of unprecedented loss, pain and death. Admittedly it does feel like the world has lost some very good people this year, both famous and unheralded, influential to the many or to the few, …

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‘La La Land’ a true classic

You will have to forgive me if I sound like a giddy schoolgirl as I reminisce about the wonder that is ‘La La Land’, but this movie was stunning. As I mentioned yesterday while reviewing ‘Sing’, movie prices are high here in Australia, $21.50 a ticket is mad! So when a ‘Tight Tuesday’ comes around …

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