David George


A little bit about me, My name is David George and I live in Victoria on the South East Coast of Australia.

I have a fantastically perfect and beautiful wife who I love with everything I am and who is the one who got me into all this blogging stuff.

I am the Director of Music at an Independent School in Victoria and I love what I do.

I am committed to learning and improving myself and am happy to share anything I discover along the way whether its about my work, my faith or my life, I want to share it all.

I’ve had some downs in my life (as all people have) but my ultimately my life is in a fantastic place at the moment, happily married, really love my work, very comfortable and blessed lifestyle and looking forward to the future.

I really hope that you enjoy reading my blog and sharing in my life. If not then thats ok too because it’s ‘Just a thought’.

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